Monday, July 30, 2007

JesseAnn's Birthday Party!

Check out pics from Jesse's party on our friend Mike's blog.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Gulf Shores Beach :)

Collin had a few rough moments on the last day out in the sun.... this doesn't even show the worst of it I have to admit. He would just start freaking out and throw himself in the sand when he was all wet. I felt so bad, but had to take a pic! And the picture below is just Dave and I standing on the deck of the condo we stayed in.
Mark, Mike, Hayden, and Thad. that.
The famous LuLu's... where we ate over the beach.

I must share this story about the also very famous southern restaurant "Lamberts, home of the throwed roll." YES, they actually throw rolls at you. You just yell out hot roll when the server walks by and he/she throw it across the room to you. They are huge rolls, and so hot. I was almost busted right in the head... I turned around to see a roll flying at me like a baseball, I ducked and barely missed it. But, thankfully Mike our friend caught it, to his delight. Our server (who I think was a midget) kept playing all these practical jokes on ME! Of course, I sat on the end, and am more gullible than I like to admit. She kept pretending to do things to me, like squirt ketchup, spill drinks, and drop trays of food on me. And of course EVERY time I would freak out and scream, while trying to catch all the food falling on me. Every one else loved it.
Oh.. and I must mention.... SOUTHERN.... oh my goodness...fried everything... all the appetizers you want. A person could gain 20 pounds in one day there.
Collin didn't care much for the food...but he loved the wood train outside you could play on. Thank goodness we had it for our hour wait! He is obsessed with choo choos. I love it.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Worley Family

Yes... we may look a little crazy, but give us a break, we actually finished. Considering we didn't train much... we were a little nervous. 1st triathlon down... can't wait till next summer when I'm not big and prego... we want to do a longer one.
And the pic... my bros.... typical morning faces for them.. unless of course its one of the morning's my mom FORCES them to go to swim team. Then it gets real scary. Gotta love it...

Collin actually got to go to the Hogle Zoo two times while I was visiting Utah. The first time I went with my delightful friend Lisa and her kids, and the second time with Grandma Heninger and the cousins. He loved it. The pic of him pointing to the glass, is at the white crocodile. We did all kinds of stuff in Utah! We went swimming lots at Grandma Heningers, and played with cousins, we went swimming at Riverside with Grandma Worley, we went shopping (a lot), went to the parade, 7 peaks, Mom (that would be me) played with friends, worked out, played at the park with Collin and my bros, watched Sammy and Coleson tear it up at baseball games, ate Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory caramel Apples (mmm...sooo good... which was my only real goal to accomplish while I was there), and even finished my first triathlon (sprint size) with my mom and Jena.
Miss Sherrie threw a huge party at MySmartWorld preschool, so me and Collin joined in on the party fun.

Rebes Wedding

Rebe's wedding was so beautiful and fun. All the little boys looked so cute in their pink! Collin was a handful, but thankfully he made it through the actual ceremony.

Playing at Grandma and Grandpa Minks

We were lucky enough to have Grandma Willis in town for the wedding.
Collin loves this rocking horse... which was actually Dave's when he was a little boy.
Grandma and Grandpa Mink playing with the little boys.
Did I mention Collin was obsessed with the tramp the whole time we were there?

Our family went down to New Mexico for Rebe's Wedding, and this is Collin and his 2 cousins Tyler and Jacob, with their Dads. Collin played constantly with his cousins. It was so neat to see them have so much fun together.