Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Birthday Collin!

I cannot believe that we have had Collin for 2 years now! We are so blessed to have such a funny, sweet, energetic, and handsome two-year old. Collin has blessed and enriched our lives more than we could ever imagine.

On the morning of his birthday our little family all went swimming. It is always a great time at the neighborhood pool. Later that afternoon, we let him unwrap the gifts we had picked out for him. His gifts were: a BIG Tonka Truck w/ matching construction hat and tools, two foam swords, (so that he can fight with these instead of the vacuum extension tubes, which he almost once killed me with- lets just say he is a LITTLE agressive) fingerpaints, and smaller tonka trucks and tractors. Collin is OBSESSED with all types of redneck vehicles :)

That evening we went to Chuck E. Cheese with 2 of Collin's best friends; Tyson and Joshua (and their families). We had a blast with them. When it came time to pick out a prize with his tickets, Collin wanted the "Big Bee" in the window. The big bee was a bright orange grasshopper that is about the size of your hand. We didn't have enough tickets to get it, so we tried to talk him into other stuff. But, he wasn't having that and continued to point to the "big bee!!!" So Dave and I went to work at actually trying to win some tickets with the rest of our tokens. Luckily, we came through :) and Collin left happy with his big orange grasshopper.

Summer Swimming

One of the best things about summer is SWIMMING! I love it when our whole family gets to go swimming together. These pictures are acutally from Mike Madsen's birthday party. Happy B-day Mike! Mr. Shiffler took the pics and was kind enough to give them to me. He is great at taking pictures that capture moments, without relying on the pose.

Can I say how much I love Collin Flinstone Feet? These adorable feet have caused many problems when it comes to finding a shoe that fits a foot thats shaped like a rectangle brick. Aren't they cute though?