Friday, May 23, 2008


So I am currently visiting my sister Jena and my aunt Yvette and my cousins in Calirfornia. My cousins Brinli Azia are close to Collins age. He loves them and calls them "HIS girls" He always says, "where are my girls at?" or "My girls are awake!" So cute!!!
Its been a fun trip, unfortunely its cold and rainy today, so no swimming today! The boys and I have been here for almost a week and Dave is coming out in a few days. We are excited to see Dave! We miss you hun and can't wait until you get here!

Dicovery Gateway

Our family went with Andy Shannon and Connor to the childrens museum at gateway. It was so neat for Colllin!!!!!!!!!!!! He loved it!!!!! These are just a few of the fun things he did. I wish I could go there all the time and just let Collin go at it! What a great break that would be for me! The picture above, and the other of Collin is us inside a real mediback helicopter. It was also cool for Dave, because he was able to tell Collin that this is the helicopter Papa Mink flew in the army!!!!!

Wedding Bells are Ringing!

MaryAnn and Dusty are the such a beatiful couple and I am so happy for them! It was a wonderful day. I loved the sealing in the temple. Thank you so much Babata and mom for watching my kids all day! Congrats Mary and Dusty!

Happy Birthday MOM!

My mom and her brother Brett and my bro Sammy.

We tried to get a shot of most everybody but a few stragglers.

Colt brought his drawing he did, which he had no idea he was so talented. Collin flew (ran) around diplaying his incredible superman technique, precision, and strength! ;)

Rowdy boys showed off their bmx biking tricks on movie clips they created.

Grandma and Grandpa Heninger looking great! We love you so much! Grandma you possibly the funnest grandmother anyone could ever imagine! Hope you enjoyed everyones talent!

The cute girls showed off some great talent singing dancing and doing tricks in our talent show as a dift to Grandma for mothers day!

Happy Birthday MOM! My mom is the most wonderful woman and a best friend! Thanks for being the best mom I could have asked for! Here are some pics of the b-day/mothers day bash at my house. (Better late than never?)
Dave and I spoke in Sacrament Meeting on Sunday (Mothers Day) It ended up being a really neat experience because we had the chance to think about our moms alot. We were both blessed with great moms! We love you guys!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mary's Shower

This is MaryAnn and her mom and sisters. They have been such great friends to me ever since I've know them. I feel like I am a sister... I kinda look like I could be too in this picture.
Mary with Casen... he was the only boy in the whole house today, and the ladies loved him!

MaryAnn is one of my best friends from high school and today I had her wedding shower at my house. I 'm so happy for her, and so excited she is getting married!

Monkey Man

So a few days ago Collin, Case and I were playing in our new back yard (that we love, may I add) and he kept throwing his airplane over the fence. I told him not to do it anymore, cause if he did, we wouldn't be able to get it. (Just in case you didn't know, that is because it is a golf course behind us, and I didn't want him to think he could always throw things over and I would always get them) But Collin, being himself continued to throw until it went over. I told him he lost it now and I couldn't get it, and he told me to climb over and get it. But trying to teach him a lesson, I said no. A little while later I went inside to the kitchen and looked out my window and this is what I saw!!! I couldn't believe it, but I should have. Its just like Collin. I ran out, and asked him to get down, and he wouldn't, so I went I grabbed my camera. I thought he would like to see him self when hes older doing this at age 2! Eventually I had to pull him off, because he swung his leg over, and I didn't know what would happen once he was all the way over.

Congats Kev!

For those of you who don't know Kevin, he is my favorite brother-in-law, who is not 11 yrs. old. (love you too Matt) But Kev is seriously a sweet brother. It has been fun to chill with him more now that we are back in Utah. The picture above is Noelle, his fiancee. She is so cute and really sweet. We had a fun shower for Noelle, and we found out the details! We have had them over at our house quite a bit and I am so excited to have her as a sister-in-law. Unfortunately I won't get to continue to hang out with them all the time because right after they get married on May31st they are moving to Phili, PA for Kevs dental school. But Kev is living at our house for the next month until he gets married, and its been great. After graduating from BYU he got a job as my NANNY! Just kidding...not really he already found a good job...but he has actually babysat for me twice already:) Pretty sweet! We love you Kev, and love you staying with us. Congratulations!