Monday, July 21, 2008

Love Summer Love Sweets

So I want to talk about how much I love the summers in Utah. The weather is so great. We just got back from an evening walk, where both my kids fell asleep. (That was the plan) That avoids hours of storybook reading, prayers, teeth brushing, singing, laying and checking in on the chillens till they are out. After our Family Home Evening lessons tonight we decided a walk outside (with the kids locked in the stroller) was our activity. Quick jamies and teeth and we were out. Now, I want to talk about how much I love sweets (mostly chocolate), I think I have an addiction.
I went shopping with my sister and went a little crazy with the stuff I bought. But the best thing was this ginormous bucket of cookie cutters. Baking is Collins new hobby and my new best skill. I had Collin lay out all the cookie cutters he wanted to us on the counter. Finally I had to stop him.

So, as you can see, cutting out the cookies didn't even work. I handed Collin a cup of water to drink... and he poured it in the dough we were making together when I turned my back. I saw him try to sneak it all fast. So I kept trying to add more flour, then more sugar, then more flour, then another egg, then a little butter, and eventually I thought it MAY work. I thought my skills took care of the problem. But I was wrong.
The Silitila family came over and we had so much fun playing with dough and frosting our BLOBS of cooked dough. Then we ate dinner at the park and went for a late night swim together! We love you guys thanks for visiting from AZ!
Yeah, as I was saying at the beginning, lately I have been AWESOME at BAKING!! Look at how professional these cakes below look. I baked them from scatch. I didn't dare show anyone when I made them a week ago, but now I feel is the time to share. I am considering starting Pampered Chef.
*Thought I must confess- the chocolate frosting was really good. I mean really good. But since the cake looked so... so , well you can see, so pretty... I couldn't take it to any neighbors. So unfortunately I just took on a few extra pounds on my gut! I tried to give it to the Whalens and the Rameys when we had FHE together and they REFUSED it!

Swimming at Lisa's House, always lots of fun! Love you Lisa! Collin is always trying to steal Conlis toys, and she is never happy about it. I don't blame her.

Ice Cream eating... couldn't be anything better than eating a real big chocolate ice cream cone on your back porch after a day at the pool. Mine was double stacked, and I downed it much faster than a girl should be allowed to.

I was about to press "Publish Post" and I just thought of this....My birthday is coming up in a little and I think I am going to make a goal, no treats until my birthday. Now, since I wrote this on my blog, I will have to stick to it, or I will feel dumb. Wish me luck. hAPpY sUMmEr TImEs to all!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bear Lake

So my moms family had their "Bear Lake Trip" like they do every summer... and I decided to go. Dave, on the other hand, had to stay home to study for the Bar.
YES... as if you didn't already know (whoever is reading this) Dave is studying for the Bar. OH WOW, is it fun! We exchange a few short sentences in the day, ...sometimes even at lunch... (on my request)... a few more over dinner and he's off, with the blink of an eye, just like that.
Its amazing... And there I am, in my rags, with my pumpkin, 2 mice and glass slippers left to clean up the rest of the kitchen, stop the mice from running around and get them to bed.
Oh... so I was saying... SINCE Dave has been studying for the Bar and the clock has struck midnight for me one too many times these past few weeks, I decided to attempt the Bear Lake camping trip on my own with my two chillens'! I mean what could be worse than your husband studying/working from sun up to sun down?
Try Casen TEETHING at BEAR LAKE while experiencing major attachment issues. The kid was glued to my hip for 3 DAYS straight. He would not let me set him down nor would he dare let anyone else set their paws on him!!! If I had to take a trip up to the bathroom, I could hear him screaming the whole way! When he was sleeping I left on the boat, and I guess he woke up and screamed for over an hour straight. My aunts said they all took turns with him cause they could only hear so much. Other than that....
the trip turned out great!
I got to wake board, water ski (slalom-let me remind you- just to brag), 4 wheel, eat like 4 huge smores, talk around the camp fire, sleep on the hard ground in between the mats that Casen and Collin were on, get a tan, play sand volleyball (kinda), skim board, (well, who am I kidding I tried and fell, its a little too risky for me- when you fall on wet hard sand it hurts!) and be with family. I took a few pics... unfortunately none of me in action behind the boat. ( as if anyone who is reading this really cares... I know)

This is Casen being himself, and my mom being herself. If any of you know my mom, you know she is lots of fun. If you know Casen, then you know he is squirmy and doesn't want you to touch him- except me.

The three amigos
Collin bustin his floatable (I don't think thats a word-but I like it) wet suit
Me and Collin- He was obsessed with the 4 wheelers AND the helmets. Even if he wasn't on a 4 wheeler, he would walk around camp with a helmet on!

My oh so rowdy cousins, to quote my aunt, "they are like a wild pack of wolves when the get together" Now I am the OLDEST girl cousin on my moms side, so I tried to set them all in their place, but they just kicked me out of their territory - told me to go hang out with the moms.
Collin with his uncle Sam.Collin with his GREAT Grandma, the funniest and craziest old lady you've EVER met.
The view.

My hip hugger.
My skim boarder
Collin kept getting stuck out on the hot sand...he'd run out to the 4 wheelers, play on them, sit down and could never make it back through the sand.

Collin and I quote "My girls"

And a few more for the heck of it....

Coleson and Collin showin' a little love.

My cutest ever cousin Shaylee... she adored Casen.I'm not sure what Collin slimed all over his face.

The bike ramp.

This of course is not at Bear Lake. The day before I met my sister at Gateway for a little yummy food and shopping! She just got home from California for the summer and a vacation in Florida. I am super excited about it, her... not quite as much. She says we are hard to hang out with! Shopping is CerAZy with both C's on board.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th Weekend!

Happy 4th of July! I love this Holiday! It really is the best holiday, we celebrate our freedom and living in America, and spend time with family, friends, and watching fireworks! I love it! In the morning I ran the freedom run 10k in provo. It was pretty sweet except that I almost missed it, I showed up right before the race started! In the morning I was scrambling around for my gym shoes for so long... and eventually found them sitting in my closet, where I thought they were but could not find them for forever! So, my point being, I couldn't find my shoes, never mind make time to grab my camera! After the race we watched the parade with the Wendy and Cameron and their family. Thankfully we have good friends, cause both parades now we would of had no where to sit, but our friends save spots and we just mooch their spots! After we made a trip to my grandparents for a while and in the evening I made fajitas... one of the first meals I have cooked in quite a while and we had our very own firework show in front of our house. Collin literally went crazy, he LOVED to "make fire" ! When we ran out of what we had, Dave and him went to the store to buy more, cause we were having so much fun. (Oh, except when I burned my thumb, not so fun.

New Family Pictures!!!

Just wanted to share... hope you enjoyed!