Monday, March 23, 2009

Hello world.

Mink Mania begins....

Can anyone else beleive how old Casen looks? Collin is still supposed to be his age and Casen a baby. What happened?

The last time I posted any pictures of my kids was DECEMBER! That is in sane! While we were in New Mexico for Christmas, we lost our battery charger to our camera. It took us until now to actually buy a new charger for the battery that was dead. Sometimes we struggle with stuff like that. Anyways... It has been almost 3 months since I have taken any pictures of my kids. Thankfully, Dave has taken a few pictures on his iphone. During the last 3 months we did quite a few fun things. Most of all we have just been living and loving life with our 2 boys. Dave did have another birthday (one year older and wiser) I don't know if he wants me to pubicaly announce his age. We went snowboarding a couple times. Dave and I also took a really fun Valentines get a way to Wolf Creek up Ogden Canyon with out the kids for 2 1/2 days. We were also able to go the beach house in Ventura with my sister in law, Aprils family. It was a blast, and so relaxing. We have also enjoyed all the warm weather we received early int he year. Collin has really been enjoying preschool at MySmartWorld. Oh, and how can I forget... Dave built a chicken coop. And just so you understand how crazy that is... Dave NEVER builds. I don't like animals, and now we have a chicken coop with baby chicks. Seriously, I never imagined in my wildest dreams. In fact, I am almost embarrassed to be telling anybody about this. But its the truth, we are chicken owners. I have to admit the baby chicks are SOOO cute and the boys absolutely love them. Collin sings to them, plays with them, sits and watches, feeds them, and holds them all he can. Casen loves them to, but almost kills them EVERY single time he grabs them... So it's a little difficult to manage. Anyways, back tot he point, we did this for the boys and thats what matters. They lay colored eggs and there are little doors just for the boys open and get the eggs.
So here are some OLD pictures that I just saw on my camera from December.... and then the rest are random ones I found on Daves phone.
I have to admit I am excited to be back in the blogging world! I am also excited to see what everyone else has been up to... as I haven't even checked out all my bloggers in forever!
The pictures start with the most recent and move backward.

Little Chicks

At the beach

This tree was at the church in Ventura, by the beach. It is massive. These pictures don't even do justice.
We have a golf course by our house and a bed of ricks with a river. When the nice whether came we played outside on the greens and river all Sunday afternoon.

Old CHRISTMAS Pictures!
Blizzard Boarding...
Christmas in New Mex

Collin and uncle Mathew playing with Grandma Mink

Dave and his grandma Willis, we were so lucky to have her come for Christmas!

My grandma and grandpa Worley.Uncle Sam

Collin and my dad.

Noah and Olivia visited us from Oregon. We loved it and miss them so much!

Collins first time Ice Skating. He handled it like a champ!
(With the help of an orange cone.)Look at my skills... I really wanted to show this off. :)
My fam came along

ROLL TIDE.... UT vs AL ... we went in full Bama gear to the Melchiors, and Andy was happy to see us go down.

"Batman house" was Collins favorite thing Santa brought him. Collin and Connor playing.
Old cute pictures of the boys.

Monday, March 16, 2009

New place to shop for Modern Apparel in Utah County

So, have any of you been to the new Blend Fashions store in Pleasant Grove? It is fabulous. In fact, I liked the store so much that I turned them on to Privacy Wear jeans! They are the first and only store in Utah to carry Privacy.

The thing I like about Blend is that they really have found a way to blend modern apparel with modest clothing. As you know, it is not always easy for LDS ladies to find something that is both hip and conservative.

Not only do these guys now carry great jeans, but they also have a wide variety of modest dresses, modest skirts, long camisoles, etc. The location is 285 E. State Rd in Pleasant Grove. Next time you are in that neck of the woods stop in. Or, you can see most of their clothing on the website