Friday, December 21, 2012

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Landon came HOME!

This week on August 25th 10 days after Landon was born he finally came home for the hospital. We were SO HAPPY to finally have him home with us. He is so sweet and such a joy to have around! Because Landon's lungs need time to recover, he will be on oxygen for a couple of weeks. Landon won't be allowed to go to public places for the winter so he doesn't get sick! We are so grateful he was able to recover from his pneumonia.

All loaded up and ready to leave the hospital for the first time!
Here are some happy brothers!

The rest are more pictures from the hospital....
This is Sunday morning when grandma Sherrie brought over Collin, Casen and Coleson to see their new baby brother and nephew.
Collin checking out his bro!
These are pictures of Landon's time with us in Special care.

Grandma Sherrie visiting in special care.
Look... no IV in my head. This is my new oxygen.

"No kids allowed" This was the closest big bros got. Only window watching.
You can see how handsome Landon is here... for a small moment in time he didn't have a feeding tube, an IV in his head, or oxygen.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Landon Michael Mink

Landon Michael Mink was born at 1:27 AM on Aug. 15, 2010 at the Timpanogas Hospital in Orem, Utah. Landon weighed 7 lbs. 8 oz., measured 20 inches in length, and was born with a perfect head of light brown hair.

JesseAnn gave birth less than 90 minutes after arriving at the hospital just after midnight and gave birth to Landon naturally (with no pain killers). Her nurse and midwife were both fantastic and Dad did OK too ;).

Landon's nurse noticed that he was having a difficult time keeping his temperature up and that he seemed to be breathing heavily and Monday morning Landon was admitted to the Special Care Unit for pneumonia.

This news was semi-tragic for Jesse and I, as we were told that he would have to stay in the hospital for at least 5-7 days after Jesse was discharged. However, Landon has really progressed well and the Doctor feels confident that we can expect to take him home this coming Monday morning!

Thanks to all for your thoughts, prayers, gifts, and love. Here are a few pictures of Landon and his family from the last few days.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Beach Bums

A week after we had been home from Colorado, we took off for the beach. This time with my family! We stayed in my brother in laws beach house in Ventura California. My mom, my 2 little bros, Jena and Shane came. We had a great time, minus the extreme wind and cloudy weather the first 2 days. I love relaxing at the beach watching my chillens play in the water and sand. Although Collin and Casen usually want me in on the action... water, waves, boogie boards, sand, the whole bit. So I give it my effort. Collin could stay there all day with sand covering his body. Casen likes to take breaks, wrap up in towels and head into the beach house. They are 2 funny boys. Collin learned how to boogie board this trip with a little assistance. Sammy my bro learned to surf, and I learned that pics of me 8 months pregnant are not so cute :) I also learned that it would have been good to bring a camera! Yes, I am that stupid. I couldn't find my camera on the way out... so I these are some pics that Jena emailed to me. I missed many priceless moments in consequence of my absent mindedness.... But none the less we had tons of fun! While at the beach we went, longbarding or biking, we went to the cool aquarium on the pier in Santa barbara, we rode on of those silly family bike car things along the beach trail in Santa Barbara, we went to the Zoo... the boys did TONS of boogie boarding, and frisbee in the ocean, sand digging, kite flying, smores on the beach at night, shoppping, cooking, eating, playing games, taking showers to get the sand of for the hundreth time and so forth. Thanks fam for the fun trip! Love you all!

Sam lookin like a surf stud
The crew that attended this awesome trip

Kite Flying...the kites were to high to fit in the pic:)
We went for a sunset walk and Collin came out like this... Casen followed him after!

fire on the beach at night was so fun....

These poor boys were SO beat this late at night. Casen had to give in :)

Cutie pie!

The skimboarders...
Wild beach man:)
What is going on here with Collin and Dave?
Beach fun

Family Vacations

In the past few weeks we have taken a couple family trips. First we went to Albuquerque, NM for Michelle's graduation and spent time with the cousins. From there, we went to Pagosa Springs, Colorado with Dave's family. We spent a week soaking in hot springs, miniature golfing, horse back riding, hiking, doing "kid crafts", river rafting and playing frisbee with family. It was fun to see such a beautiful part of the world and spend time with the Minks.