Monday, August 25, 2008

My Precious Lap Dog

Here is what I caught cute little CASEN doing while he was "taking a bath"...

Do you think he was a little thirsty?

The waterfall jump!

I like these pictures of swimming. We went to thi s private pool swimming with my brothers and my sister . There is this really tall waterfall -thats a ledge to jump off of and Sammy my brother who is 15 took Collin up there to jump off. I was seriously freaking out, calling his name, and in a panic. But Sammy is up there talking Collin into jumping off and he only has 2 little arm floaties. I guess Sammy had to give Collin a push, but off I saw Collin go. Then, to scare me more they kept going again and again! There were no kids even close to Collins size jumping off! Collin never fully jumped on his own, Sam said he always had to push a little. At the top, Sammy would say, "I'll give you 5 moneys if you jump on your own" But Sam still helped push him off, and when Collin came out of the water the first thing he said is "I want my 5 moneys" It was pretty hilarious.

These are my cute brothers Sammy and Coleson and my sister Jena with Collin.

MinkFamily Reunion

Collin and Casen's Grandma and Grandpa Mink came up to Utah for the MINK reunion. We loved every minute that they were here visiting us! AT the reunion they had some "kid games" and because Kathy-Daves MOM- was in charge of them Dave ended up being the target for wet sponges. I personally thought it was really really funny to see kids throw sponges as hard as they could at Dave. I am not sure why.

This Casen and Collins sweetest uncle Mathew! Collin really loved spending time with Mathew, and Casen liked him too- actually. Mathew was so fun to have at our house. He read Collin stories and took great care of him! We love you Mathew, and Collin really misses you!
Grandma Mink we love you too! You are the best grandma my children could ever ask for!
And this little guy.... is starting to walk!
One day we went up Provo Canyon and had a picnic and played lots and lots and lots of games. My brothers came up for a while to play some Mink kids vs. Worley kids kickball and football. I guess I better not bring up the score on the kick ball game..... :) :) :)
Grandpa Mink is always so much fun!
Aunt Michelle lookin' soo super cute. I had lots of fun shopping at the mall with Michelle. She has great taste and lots of shopping endurance. I like that in a girl!
(Yes, I realize my shirt is tucked in some weird way and no one told me before they took this picture)

T- town memories

So this is my wonderful friend Cassie. I lived by her while we where in Alabama for Law school. Her husband was in law school too, and actually they found a house that was for sale by them they new we were going to school out there and picked us out a house we could but to live next to them. WE had only met them once before when we were out for the orientation. It was really great having such good friends so close! I think at first I had a hard time opening up to friends, because I didn't think I wanted to be there. But now I am soooo sooo grateful for all the people who kept on friending me! :) I love them all. Cassie and I would always go walking together with our two boys, trade babysitting while we worked, and talk talk talk. She was such a great friend to me. Now we have both moved back and her husband works in SLC. She came over to my house to play one afternoon (thats the first pic) , and another we went up to hers and played in her backyard. They jumped onthe the tramp with sprinklers(I think that is an all time best thing for kids in the summer), and put huge ice cubes all over the tramp. Collin and Tyson had quite a bit of fun together, except when they were hitting, punching, pushing, throwing ice, or running each other over on bikes and scooters! They are seriously so funny. They love playing with each other, and always have, but they are so DANG violent with each other. Cassie and I can't figure it out!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Friends and Family please help :)

Okay, so while I was trying to change the background of my blog with a friend we accidentally deleted ALL my friends and family list. Yeah I know... and for some reason we couldn't even get it to work in the end. But Just tonight I got on the computer and it worked... but still no friend and family on my blog :( So, if you are my friend or family, will you please email me your domain name to your blog? I will never be able to go and find or remember everybody that I had! So I would love it of you could pretty PLEASE send me your domain name. Email me or Dave or leave it on the comments section. Thanks a ton, and I hope to see emails and comments flowing in real soon :)
Love you all!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

These are the Days of our Lives...

The Melchiors, Rameys and Chatfields came over for a really fun night!
Collin and Connor, Collin was showing Connor how to do "tricks" on his scooter.
The "Men" playing basketball and my little brother C

The cute Ramey kids.... I love that I told them to look over for a picture and Conli busted out this pose! Isn't she adorable?
The Women...
The American Fork Canyon view from our front yard ...
By the end of the night... Collin was looking pretty rough, he was so WORN OUT! That day before our friends came over, we went to the "Highland Fling" We watched the parade, played children games all day, watched 2 BMX bike shows with my brothers, and ran under the Firemen hose that came off the top of the ladder of the firetruck. It was so crazy. Dave and I were drenched to say the least... somehow Collin ran to the back and escaped. But here is Collin at the days end. He looks quite beat down :)

Two little Monkeys jumpin' in the BED....
Collin taught Casen how to hold on to the crib and jump like a wild man in his own bed!

On the 24th of July we had party at my house with my family and my Grandma and Grandpa Worley. We enjoyed a great meal and a firework show in my front yard, put on by my dad and Sammy and Coleson. It was great!

Last week we went to the MINK FAMILY REUNION! It was tons of fun to mingle with so much family. We went swimming at a wonderful private pool, where Collin literally had the time of his life! He went down the slide over and over again. It was great for me because Julie held Casen half the time and he slept part too. It was so nice!
The next day Collin was able to ride horses and 4 wheel with his cousins out side at Heidi and Jareds house. He played with the kids all day! I didn't even realize I had two kids. It was a blast, and Collin loved it. Collin and Maya are so cute together, they play really well together. My camera died, so I didn't get any pictures of the next day.
The rest are just pics of our family! The picture below is the cutest thing in the world. WHENEVER the kids are riding in the car... and they are tired Collin will grab Casens hand. Its adorable. They both fell asleep this time. I thought I needed a picture. It breaks my heart!
Collins new shades...

Finally Dave and I were able to enjoy a evening bike riding. We got our bikes fixed, and Dave has evenings off. It was great! And cute little Casen leaned his head on Collin the whole time!

Action shot...

Jena and I went to MaMa Mia while Dave and Sammy went to Batman... yeah we didn't realize they would be a whole hour longer. Our show was over at 12:00 midnight and waiting until 1:00 am sitting outside on a rock.... you start to get a little crazy!