Saturday, June 27, 2009

June at a glance...

I was looking on my camera and realized I have so many pictures that I wanted to post... so here goes it. Next month I have promised myself to post more often. No more staying up until 1:30 in the morning! I don't know about anyone else but June went by SOOOO fast! What in the world? I thought summer just started!

I hosted my little sister's bridal shower at my house. It was really neat. Jena is already getting married in 2 weeks. Here is a picture of Shane and Jena. I am really happy for both of them!

And her beautiful bouquet she used in her bridals...
Oh, and of course, the ring! It is really elegant.
Jena, my mom and me!!! at the shower at my house...Love you guys!
Jena's full face of cinnamon bears I made her eat in the game:) She looks miserable.

Collin had his PRESCHOOL PROGRAM! He did awesome! He sang all his songs with lots of enthusiasm. I love him to death! Although... he doesn't look to enthused here! Collin has learned so much this year! He can write his name and knows almost all the letters and sounds! He is also an artist with great find motor skills. He loves to paint very articulate pictures. Way to go Collin!

We kicked off Memorial day with a family trip to the dinosaur museum, then the Dolphins and Whales 3D show in the mamoth theater thingy majiger and lunch and Thanksgiving point!

Our fam hit up Kangaroo Zoo for FHE one night and the boys thoroughly enjoyed it!

Playing in the yard.....

so fun :)

playing on the garage floor... really clean I am sure!

Visiting Andy and Shannon's new baby girl Eliana at the hospital! We are so glad she is home and better!

What up?
awesome outfitMy boys love it when uncle "nammy" babysits!
I am showing this picture again because ever since I came home to my brothers babysitting my kids and Casen dressed like this.... he ALWAYS want to look like this now! This bear became Casens best friend along with those old boxers of my little brother. Casen screams and crys until he can wear them! He will find them wherever I hide them! I need to through the dang things away! The bear came to church with us the next morning... although we did make it wear a tie :) Haha... the joys of kids!

Casen was in the front yard helping with yard work and I realized how beautiful it was outside, so I took pictures.

This is at the Timpanogos Temple right by my house. The primary had a little activity walking around the temple grounds and learning the history of our temple. It was really neat! Dave and I were married in this emple almost 6 years ago now!
Here all the children sang, "I love to see the Temple" The spirit was so strong. I was grateful to be there!

We have been playing at parks and going up AF and Provo canyon with the dogs... No, we don't have 2 dogs! But my little bros also got a dog. A wimeraner (or something like that.) Gunner and him are friends.

Collin and Casen took swimming lessons and it was cold almost every single day. Hopefully the next round is much better! I did mom and tot lessons with Casen, but on the last day Case and I didn't get in, so we could take a few pictures of us and Collin swimming like a champ.

Casen kept trying to still the teaches suckers.

Collin with his teacher, diving for rings.
Casen likes to show a little attitude. :0)
I think the suckers at the end were the biggest hit.


Ragnar Relay- Wasatch Back!

Last weekend I ran the Wasatch Back Ragnar Relay. Our team ran from Logan to Park City 188 miles total!!! There were 2 vans of 2 people each.Each van takes turn doing legs and then rests for a couple hours, drives up to meet the other can and to take it from there. It was a ton of fun. Emily Florence asked me to be on her team. Then I was able to do it with Jena (my sis) and MaryAnn and Sara (friends from high school) Here are a few pictures from the race. I was runner # 10... which meant I ran around 3 in the afternoon 3.7 miles then I ran again around 3:00 am - 7.9 miles and finally running again in the late morning around 10:00 am the RAGNAR HILL, 4 miles with a 1200 foot climb uphill!!! IT was so freaking hard! I turned to my van after I thought I had been going forever and asked how long... they only told me 1.5. Lets just say I could not believe it! I didn't know how I would survive, but I did! Not only that I had 4 kills on that hill.... 3 girls and 1 boy. :) (A kill means- passing someone) I loved that... although I did have a few speedster men pass me!
Here is our Van excluding my sister Jena and my mom who was the driver! My mom was an awesome driver! She made it a lot of fun.

This is the Ragnar Hill.... At the end. My sister was chanting me on in the rain! Please disregard how I look in any of these! (Remember... this was after 2 other runs in the afternoon and middle of the night!) The rain was POURING DOWN! I rolled up my capris because they were too heavy and hot. My new shoes and legs were covered in mud. Lets just say my new shoes don't look so new even with a trip through the washing machine.

Jena! You go girl! :)
This is on our rest at Snow basin. The whole race absolutely beautiful!!
Some of us girls in our van!

Each team has to pass on a SLAP BRACELET... and take it to the finish line. Here is Jena with her first exchange in the shoot.

So our camera died at the end of the race when we were taking pictures of all 12 of the girls on our team with our matching clothes and medals! So maybe I will have to post one later if someone emails me one. We took tons of pictures on all of our first legs... by then end legs we couldn't think about using the camera! We were going off of 2 hours of sleep max, all summed up together from two little naps. That part is insane! All in all it took our team about 31 hours to finish all 188 miles.