Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Snow Basin

I was finally able to go snowboarding this season! Thanks to my family for watching Collin and Casen back at the Lodge. (Well actually outside the lodge the whole time) The weather was beautiful and there was a band playing music the whole time. I had such a fun day!
Because I hadn't been all season I was scared I might suck at snowboarding...but ended up I still new how. But Sammy has officially passed me up and Coleson is catching up! My cousins Colt and Charlie are awesome at skiing, since they are the ski team. But thank you Collette and Grandma for inviting us up and watching Collin and Casen. Collin had a blast and still talks about him sledding in the white snow on the mountain.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I like this picture of Coleson and Collin together. Collin is buddies with my brothers, and talks about them all the time. Its been so interesting to me to listen to Collin talk. I try to understand the world from his view... who knows, but I think its a good effort. We have been telling Collin we are moving to our new house... and tomorrow is the big day. We went to look at the house tonight and I showed him his room, and he was deeply upset. He was mad there was no toys in his room :) Too cute. Then he checked the room I told him Casen would be in and he was even more bummed. I have been trying to explain to him now for 2 1/2 months that we will get his bike and all his toys off our big truck when we move to our new house. So, he was upset to see an empty house tonight. But hopefully tomorrow... after all the explanations for 3 months about old houses, new houses, grandmas house, my moms house, and where the heck his house is.... etc. it will all come together for him. I too, am excited to move in. Collin is a wonder! I am so thankful for him and Casen. The best part of my day everyday is when I see Collin and Casen interact together. Casen will laugh at Collin and even laughs when Collin "soft wrestles" with him. I love it.
Well, I am so sick and staying up late, waisting precious sleep time... when I have to move tomorrow. This blog thing...can suck you in. Once I look at one friends blog, I have to look at them all.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Smart World Preschool's Blog

So, I started another blog. It is for my mom's Preschool. It is just in the makings, but I am really excited about it. Consequently, I bet I end up working on it more than my blog. But I think once we get all the things on it that I want, it will be a great resource. I thought it would be a great idea to have a blog for all the preschool parents and potential parents to have a place they can go and see pictures of their kids, activities they are doing and things they are learning. If you want to check it out the link is:


Like, I said its still in the makings, and has so much more work to be done. Soon we will make it a direct page and link from her website.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Seeing the Every Day

Now, I usually am not a huge writer on my blog, and like to put up pictures to let my family and friends far away see whats going on, (and vise versa...I love reading others blogs more than working on my own) But I found this magazine called "Seeing the Every Day" and I loved what I read. I think sometimes I get caught up on all the things I have to do, or all the things I can take Collin to do to give him all the opportunities possible, and on and on.... and when I read this, I already new it, but I was reminded again how important the every day is. I too truly believe that it is the "collective sum of those memories that shapes the character of an individual" I love that, and I know that, but I love hearing it and having it reinforced, and knowing that other people feel the same way. I didn't get a subscription to this magazine, but thought I would share, just cause I like it :) Kinda random... I know!

Maya's Birthday at the Petting Zoo

Happy Birthday Maya! Thanks for having us at your party! You are the Big 3 now!
Cowboy up :)

I love the picture below of Collin, cause it totally shows his personality. When Aliah fell, he helped her up and was so concerned. He is really sweet.

Pony Rides!
Collin milked the cow!

Happy Easter! We had a simple and fun Easter! Collin was the sole "hunter" and he did great!
Cute Aunt Jena came for the day!

Grandma was great at coloring eggs!

This face is to die for.

Me and Jena... it was cold out side that day.


Collin was getting down on the jelly beans outside, he did not want to come in once he realized what they tasted like. He fell in in love with "teats" (treats) this Easter!