Thursday, October 30, 2008

Outside Fall Flings

So after the cold breeze that came through a week or two ago, we have been making sure we play outside as much as possible before the real winter air hits. Here are some fun things we have done:
Liberty Land- miniature golf, race cars and roller coaster rides. (Collin was a little traumatized afin this picture right after the ride!)

Playing at the parks... I will usually run to the parks with the C's loaded up in the stroller.
The Pumpkin Patch. WE went with some friends and had a great time.

We were also lucky enough to have Grandma and Grandpa Mink come visit us. Dave was "sworn in" to the law last week and became a member of the Utah State BAR.. Congrats hunny!! We are so proud of you (pictures will come later- when Kathy gets them emailed to me :)) While Grandma and Grandpa were here the guys went golfing and the girls went to CORNBELLY'S with the kids. That place is awesome! It seriously exceeded my expectations! We loved it. I took so many pictures... only half are even on here. We LOVED having grandma and grandpa staying with us. They are amazing grandparents!
So Precious... picture perfect :)

This is the Pumpkin Princess... who Collin so dearly loved. She was very sweet to Collin. I think he had a crush on her. Below is her carriage. Collin is sitting in the carriage listening to her talk with the other kids. It was precious.

Our backyard is COVERED with leaves! Its been fun for the boys to play in the leaves. Collin is really fascinated by all the different leaves ' shapes and colors.Casen didn't enjoy laying on his back so much...

And finally we had a great Halloween party outside with my family! The weather was great and perfect for playing outside.

Happy Fall everyone!

Zoosical House

Collin, Casen and I went to Kangaroo Zoo together. Just us three! It was soooo much fun.!!! The first hour Casen slept in his stroller, so Collin and I went crazy. We played so hard. When Casen woke up , he was scared out of his mind. After about 30 minutes he started getting warmed up. But the first half hour he wouldn't let go of my shoulder. You can see how scared he looks in the picture of me and him. I had to pry him off to get that picture. But Collin had a blast, he climbed up this slide and did it over and over and over!

Finally the little C warmed up to the place.
The 2 amigos and I made a Halloween haunted gingerbread house. Collin was so particular about where he placed every piece of candy. Collin is really into creating lines and patterns out of anything and everything he can get his hands on. As you can see below, Casen didn't quite enjoy it as much as Collin, I had him buckled in the high chair- watching and eating candy-

Dave has season tickets to BYU this season and we finally made it to a game together! Go cougs!
After the game Collin and I went to the "Suesical" with my mom and Coleson. It was adorable!!! Collin actually sat and watched it too- on the fun songs he jumped right out in the isle and started dancing! On one of the slow songs and longer scenes he ran out! But if you know Collin, its just Collin! Here are some pictures with the characters after the show.

My sister Jena and brother Sammy both had birthdays this last week! We have been celebrating quite a bit this month!

These are the cooks I made for Sam... they rocked, I 'll be honest.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Casen!!!

Casen Samuel Mink turned 1 year old on October 12, 2008. Here are some pictures of us celebrating his birthday last year! This was nice and early in the morning- the party was just about to get started...
And after lots of groaning moaning and pain, the birthday boy arrived... 7 lbs 11 0z. (I think 21 inches long----- don't quote me on that)
Casen made a GREAT addition to our family, as you can see, he is beautiful baby.
This is us getting our true celebration on for Casen. It was the day after he was born! The nurse supplied party stuff and a cupcake for Collin! It was really cute.
Fast forwarding to this year... Little C attempts to blow out the candles. Well, actually, he attempts to grab the candles. (Yes- more than one, but we told Collin he could blow some out also)
The happy family... and a solid year with 2 kids under their belt.

Casen loves to give ginormous open mouth kisses. Whenever you get one, you can't just help but laugh- because you get so wet!
Or pull away... :) But, its so sweet.

Casen dug into his cupcake- but just liked playing with the frosting after he took a few bites.

I put this picture up because right now Casen's FAVORITE thing to do is walk around holding and throwing balls. He is obsessed with balls! It's even more exciting to him to throw the ball down the stairs and watching it bounce off. Casen also really enjoys barking like a dog, quaking like a duck, trying to play in the toilet, wrestling around with his brother, hitting and pulling his brothers hair, eating food with his OWN silverware, getting rocked and sung to, and playing outside-particularly on Collins scooter. Casen is VERY independent, very loving, very cute, into everything Collin is playing with, very stubborn, and very into his daddy. We are so blessed to have Casen as part of our lives. We love you little buddy! You are the best! Happy FIRST YEAR!