Tuesday, July 28, 2009

4th of July block party

Wow!! So many things have already happened in July!  My little sister Jena was married to Shane!  It was a wonderful day!  My little boys took another round of swimming lessons and they are quite the fish.  We celebrated the 4th of July with the Melchiors, enjoying good company, food, water fights, and parades.   We also had a fun family swim day, at the Scera pool, with the Sonnenbergs. Anyhow... I am the Ward Activity Chairman... therefore I had to throw a Block 4th of July Party. After 2 weeks of lessons, wedding stuff, and ward partying, we took off to the beach house in Ventura, California.  We met Dave's parents and al his siblings there.  It was a blast, and so fun to see all the mink crew.  Unfortunately my camera broke at the wedding so I didn't take ANY pictures!  Dave snapped a few with his phone, but never took it out to the beach.  But I will have to leave that for another post!  I wanted to put up a few pictures of the party I worked so hard on!  This is the train ride my mom let us borrow from her preschool. The kids went nuts... train rides ALL night long!  We also had food, cotton candy, clowns, games, music, and face painting.  It was quite the party.

We also had a children's parade with.  Collin was quite the stud cruising around on his scooter. 

3 cheers for the red white and blue!  I think Casen looks so adorable here.

Thanks to my mom who was the donor of almost everything fun... the train, the clown costumes, the teacher on how to make ballon hats, the wave water balloon board game and much more.  I love you mom! You are the best.  
These are my sweet 50s glasses I wore to support our country's history ;)
more train...

This is Ellisa and she is a drem come true.  She LOVES to watch Casen and Collin.  She took care of Casen though out the entire party!  And she is such a doll.

The sunday after the party we went up the canyon with the boys and Gunner and then played at my moms...  I thought I would throw in these random pictures...
Me... pushing the double stroller... my favorite material possession I own.
Casen... typical, no shoes.
Collin, typical.

But, oh, so full of life!  I love it!