Sunday, June 29, 2008

GrEeN GOo and mORe

So, I have been plenty busy running around to family parties, ward parties, birthdays, showers, weddings and more.... BUT, in the mean time I have been trying to find some things to do that Collin will actually enjoy (besides swimming- I think he can only handle so much of that) So we made GReEn GoO! It was lots of fun... you might want to try it out. But I suggest you make it outside on your porch or deck or something , cause Collin went crazy and I had a lot of cleaning up to do. Half way through we took it outside. It just sprayed off with my hose. The longer it sits around and you play with it, the harder and firmer it starts to get. It doesn't stick to you either, you can just peel it off. It's really really cool! (listen to me, I sounds like a kid!)
Anyhow, these are the ingredients:
1 box 16 oz cornstarch
1 1/2 cups water
about 10-15 drops of green food coloring.

In the picture below...Collin picked to wear his head band an boots to go out and play :)

Dave and Collin decorated this beautiful scooter. Collin was pretty pumped about it!
My bros... what can I say?
My mom... what can I not say? She is wonderful!

Case is seriously the happiest man alive! I love him!

Happy Birthday Dad!!! I love you! Collin throughly enjoyed fingerprinting your new wall hangings for you!

Happy Birthday Lisa!

Summer Swims

"I'm ready to go mommy!"

Our summer swimming mode has been in full swing! We have been going to the pool quite a bit :) A couple days I met my mom and my brothers there and we took turns swimming laps while the other one of us watched my kids. Collin came over and saw the swim cap I was using (yes, I do use a swim cap when I swim laps :)) and he wanted to wear it so bad. We thought he looked hilarious, and he wouldn't take it off. Finally, we decided he had to grab a camera.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Collin Break Dances at the Parade

Bust a Move...

So, I used to think Parades were the most boring things in the world...but NOT anymore! It was so fun to see how much Collin loved the Parade. Oh... and so much fun to watch Collin get down ... break dance style... to the music! He is hillarious. (At least I think) He was soooo excited to see everything and especially the FIRE ENGINES!!!!! H jumped up and down flapping his arms. Its fun being the mom of my chillens!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

They Tie the Knot

The Vacation Continues...

I love this picture of Michelle and Casen.

Casen and his Papa Mink.

2 days before the big day, looking great!

Collin fell and scraped his nose up while we were there.... it was only one of the maybe 20 falls he had.

Before Kevin and Noelle's wedding we had time to hang out with lots of family. These just a few pictures I like... except the top picture, Dave and I took that because we went to that same harbor almost 5 years ago on our honeymoon! Craziness... how much has gone on since then in our lives!

Beach Bums

Daddy with his FEARLESS CARELESS and WILD beach boy.

April looking cute as ever!

My sis Jena got to hang out on Memorial day at the beach with us.

(Post intense-workout hair)

After I spent the week in Corona, Dave came out and we headed out to my sister- in- law (April) husbands family beach house in Ventura, California. It was SO much fun! We spent a whole week being beach bums with our house right off the beach! April has three little boys Tyler (5), Jacob (who is just a few months older than Collin, pictured above) and Joshua (who 6 weeks older than Casen.) The boys had never ending fun at the beach together. Well, I guess thats only half true, because when we went back to the beach house they fought over toys quite a bit! They had their only little house in the back of the house where all the toys were, a TV with movies and a couch. That was pretty sweet, cause we always sent them to play in there (away from us). But it was so fun to see the boys all together. When I was a kid I thought their was nothing better than when we took trips with my cousins. They rocked :) Anyways, April and I went for a run/roller blade extravaganza almost every day on the trail by the beach! I tell ya, there is no better place to take a run then on a trail next to the beach. It was so beautiful, never mind the low altitude which was easy to breath in, and perfect running weather in the morning breeze- Oh and someone I love talking to the whole time. :)
April and Benjamin are so sweet to always share the beach houses with us. We really have enjoyed all the times we have spent at the beach and with them. Thanks a ton you guys!