Monday, March 31, 2008

"So what does your husband do"...

Ok, it seems that recently the number one question in my life is "so what does Dave do now that he is done with law school?" Since the answer is just a little complicated, and I basically never brag about my husband, I thought I would answer it here on our blog!

Dave is up to the following:

1. Studying for the Utah Bar which he takes in July
2. Growing his Internet marketing firm, Dream Systems Media, which is a parent LLC over several different Internet retail properties and Internet marketing firms.
Here is a list of the "Stores" and "Directories"
a. Rocky Mountain Mattress - (memory foam neck pillows and stuff)
b. My LDS Direct - (lds blog)
c. My LDS Missionary -
d. ePlanit -
e. State of Law - (law firm directory)
Here is a list of the "Marketing Firms"
a. Utah SEO Firm -
b. SEO for Lawyers - (seo for lawyers blog)
c. Arizona SEO Agency -

See what I mean, complicated, but everything is really tied together. Dave is the Chief Legal Officer for the company and makes sure all of the sites are staying out of trouble. So if you ever wondered what Dave you know!

My favorite part about the new gig is that he now works from home 2 or 3 days a week - so we get to see him quite a bit. Here are a few recent pictures of him with the boys. You also get to see Collin in action at our family Easter egg hunt!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I hate sickness!

Its so sad when your kids are sick. I am sure every parent knows the feeling. It makes me so sad. I seriously hate it! Collin was miserable today! Casen just got over it and I was so happy, and now Collin has been struck!
I am always thinking how precious these little guys are... I am so blessed to have two beautiful little boys. They mean the world to me! Every night I thank my Heavenly Father for them over and over again. I am so blessed!

Soaking up the Fam

This is a picture of my grandma and grandpa Heninger. LOVE THEM! They came down to meet their great grandson Casen. They are the funnest grandparents, and Case seemed to love them!

Coleson made this car at scouts. Its really fun, I was the "donkey" for a long time, running everyone else around. Dave referred to me as "ol' stripes" (notice the striped skater jacket of Sammy's I have on) Collin had tons of fun. Coleson was so good to play with him forever!

Uncle "Sasa" and "Coco" are now a major part of Collin's life! He LOVES to play with them, and follows Sammy everywhere he goes! It is adorable, so I had to take some pictures of a few of their favorite things to do together!

Sammy and Coleson are great uncles! We love you guys!
Oh and Collin is SOOO good at riding the scooter! Its too cute!

Of course, BMX biking.

Collin's New Love

Mickey D's for lunch!

Playing outside at Maya's house.

Since we have been in Utah Collin has had the opportunity to find his new best friend, love, and second cousin :)) He loves Maya, Babatas little girl. Every time we get together Collin is always trying to hug and hold her hand. They are so adorable together. He calls her "Mayan" no Maya. He always asks, "Where'd Mayan go?" They are too cute together! Collin was trying to hug Maya during the puppet show at the Library, and Maya was only into the show...we were laughing so hard as she was trying to push him off.

Mama and Papa's House

As most of you know, our little family has been living at my grandparents house while we try to find a spot to live. Finding a spot to live has been MUCH harder than we imagined... I am not going to even begin to explain all that we have gone through, I get annoyed even talking about houses now. But.... in the mean time we have had the neatest experience to live with my grandparents. They are the most kind and loving people. My grandma gets right down to business with Collin.... fighting sharks, flying in the little Einsteins rocket ship and playing dump truck over and over again. She seems to never tire from him and his play! She takes so much time every day to tell him all she can, to show him the world around him, and to make him feel very important and validated. She has been the most wonderful example to me on how to sincerely play and teach Collin. I am so grateful for her wisdom, her love, and most of all her example. It has been so neat for Collin to get to know his great grandparents so well. Collin talks about his Mama and Papa all the time. It has been so neat for me and Dave to have this time to grow closer to them! I love you grandma and grandpa Worley, and thank you for taking care of our family!