Friday, November 30, 2007


Okay, so for Thanksgiving my mom and Jena came out to see us and it was sooo fun. Then while they were here we made a trip to Nashville, Tennessee! We went to the Grand Ole Opry Hotel, we saw the "Rocketts" Christmas show, we saw "Ice Sculptures... How the Grinch stole Christmas" went to Wild Horse Saloon, ate our nice Thanksgiving dinner at Hard Rock Cafe. It was lots crammed in 2 days, especially if you include chasing around Collin and feeding and changing Casen all day long :)

If we look cold.... its cause WE WERE! It was only 9 degrees inside there!

Cute aunt Jena with her new nephew!!!

These are the jammies their grandma Worley gave them! They are so cute together, and Collin was so excited for the baby to put his on after he did.

This picture is Collin with his "ggrrr mama".

"The Boys" and Collin in action again... trying to squeeze Casen to death.

We thought we needed a picture of our matching camo for some reason.

Casen's Baby Blessing

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Collin was the cutest Tiger this Halloween. He loves to growl at everyone everywhere we go, so I thought it fit. We bought some pumpkins to carve, and never got around to it... as I was on my death bed, so I let Collin create beautiful artwork on them. He loved it!

Black Warrior

This is our beautiful river in Tuscaloosa. We went there to show Kathy and Carolyn.


I guess I am just adding random pictures with no organization or order...but here are some newer pictures of sweet little Casen and our family.
We have had a lot of busy days around here. It started with my mom coming out when I had Casen. It was so fun to see her, and she was soooooooo much help with Collin when Casen was born. I didn't want her to leave! Then a few days later Dave's mom came out for a week, and his sister Carolyn. It was lots of fun to have them here, and lots of help. Collin loved all the play mates. We also had some friends Matt and Andy and Shannon and their Connor visit a few weeks later. I have loved all the company! Now I am just trying to handle the wild one and Casen all by myself-- well I guess I have Dave too! Just kidding, but Dave has been sooo much help, especially while I was sick. He is so busy with all his school and work and taking care of us.