Thursday, April 29, 2010

all about the boys!

Rain and Shine...

Here are some of our happenings....

New Paints...way messy, way fun!

We went up to Hogle Zoo, had lots of fun and decided to buy a pass. So I
guess we are going to be going there a lot. We can get in 1 guest every time, so if anyone ever wants to come with us, let me know!

Our first wheel barrow... The boys thought it was great. And yes, we attempted some yard work:)

Play dough. This is Collins family of ducks (I helped him create) Dave is the red duck, I am purple, Collin is green, Casen yellow, and the new baby dark purple. We played ducks for quite a while.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun

Easter Morning.... Kids make everything the best! I truly love being a mommy! We had a great day, and it was even better getting to hear all the conference talks on Jesus Christ on this special day. We finished it off by visiting Grandma and Grandpa Worley Great and Grandpa Worley. I dressed up Collin Casen in cute matching outfits, and FORGOT to take a picture!!!! Ahh... oh well what do you do! I am sure they don't care :)

Easter Egg hunt, crafts and face painting at the park with friends! Does Casen look like he was having fun? haha He was cold and just grumpy, but cheered up a little when he found some candy in eggs. That little man loves his sugar :)

Yarn Machet (is that how you spell it?) Eggs. Super fun, Super messy! I cleaned up large amounts of flour water off my floor! But the boys had a blast. Just today after the eggs dried we popped the red balloons on the inside and they are SOOO cute, when finished! I am going to save them, I actually wish I had made more so I could put them in my iron center piece thingy on my table for Easter decorations. But needless to say, I had to strip the boys down and carry them up to the bath tup to deflour themselves.

St. George Girls Trip

Last weekend I went to St. George with friends and lahooved it! The weekend included laying out at the pool, shopping, eating, glitter toes, oh and did I mention eating?
Thanks Lisa for planning it, and thanks everyone for all the fun. Also, thanks Dave for taking charge with the kiddos while I was gone and Jena for playing with them an afternoon. You guys are the greatest:)


We hiked to the G! The boys really enjoyed this hike. My little brother Coleson talked us into doing it with 3 dogs and my little boys. Collin seriously hiked all the way up to the G all by himself! I was proud of him, and for Casen... my mom and I took turns carrying Casen or letting him walk. Dave carried Casen down the mountain. I was proud of him too. Whenever we are driving and can see the "G" Collin and Casen talk about it. Collin seems amazed at how high it is and can't believe he did it.