Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Easter!

Isn't Easter a glorious and wonderful holiday? I love Easter. I love it for all it means. I love it because it represents life.  I am so thankful for the resurrection.  I feel like I can't mention Easter and not mention its real meaning.   I love spring time, it is such a beautiful and happy time! The Easter bunny sent us a new puppy for easter! Collin and Casen have a new buddy and they love him. He is a Golden Retriever, but he is an English Creme- therefore creme and not red! He is so sweet and great little buddy for all the boys. We named him Gunner. Sunday after noon the weather ended up being beautiful and we played outside all afternoon with him.

Easter Morning

(Or I guess if I was honest...Easter night... But it is a mimic of what Easter morning kind of looked like.  I forgot to take pictures in the morning.  I realized and Casen was already asleep- so I let Collin come downstairs and play with his stuff.  I just happened to take a few shots.)

Love this pic!  Collin is our family superhero! 

On Easter, right after we got home from church we all had to run outside and see Gunner and eat candy!

EGG COLORING  !!!!  Collin and I had a blast.  We chose to do this while Casen was sleeping.  Colin is very artistic and precise with his art projects.

Sunday afternoon we went to the park to play with Gunner more.

The following Sunday afternoon at the park.....  I am sure we are going to go to parks every Sunday after noon from now on!    
My little brother Coleson and Casen have formed a special bond.  Casen just loves him.

CHECK OUT THIS WILLIE!  Case is wild! :)

Now for some randoms in the middle of the week....  But I must say...
Utah is crazy!  We have weather in the 70s and then SNOW!

Look at this little MONSTER!  He was posing for the camera!  So I took a little photo shoot!

Casen's photo shoot, done by ME!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hawaii Girls Trip!

I took a trip to Hawaii with just my mom and my sister Jena. It was so amazing. We went to Kauai for 3 days and Honolulu for 3 days. Here are a few pics I took in the slide show. I just found this song and loved it. It doesn't really do with Hawaii, but its a good song. Sense I don't have any music on my blog, I thought it might help out. Thanks Jena and Mom for such a fun trip. Thanks Dave for letting me go and leave the kids. Thanks to Shannon and Andy for watching the kids and thanks so much to Kathy, Michael, Michelle and Mathew who drove up fro New Mexico to babysit and play with the boys! You are wonderful and I really really appreciated it. I felt so in peace about the whole thing cause Collin and Casen had their grandma to watch them and uncle Matt and Michelle to play with. I love you all! Aloha!